HYSPLIT Workshops and Tutorials

In the past, the ARL HYSPLIT team hosted a 4-day workshop that was designed to provide the user with hands-on instruction on how to install, run, and interpret the results of the PC/Mac-based version of the HYSPLIT model.  The materials that were used during the workshop are now online and videos have also been posted that include a HYSPLIT expert leading the user through the training.  These are now located at:


Beginning with 2019, the HYSPLIT workshop will no longer be held in-person.  Instead, an agenda will be created that will guide the user during 4 weeks through each section of the online training materials with each week focusing on several sections of the training materials (such as installation, meteorology, trajectories, dispersion, etc).  This will allow the user to learn the materials at their own pace and time.  During the week users will be able to submit questions to the HYSPLIT Forum that may be answered by HYSPLIT experts during the week.  NOAA ARL will then hold a live 1-hour session on the following Monday and Tuesday during which the instructor will review the questions that were received during the week and, if time permits, allow users to ask new questions on the material covered in that week’s session.  Further information and registration details are available in the box to the right.

The 2020 HYSPLIT workshop was held online from June 22-25. Details can be found at: