Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division – Oak Ridge, Tennessee

The Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division (ATDD) conducts research and development in the fields of air quality, atmospheric dispersion, and climate science. Within each of these, emphasis is placed on the lowest part of the atmosphere closest to and most influenced by the ground — the atmospheric boundary layer.

ATDD’s air quality research focuses on developing better methods for understanding atmospheric chemistry and the exchange of air pollutants between the air and the underlying surface. The dispersion research focuses on providing critical data and insights about turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer and transport and diffusion of harmful material. The climate research focuses on providing long-term, high quality, reference-grade measurements of critical climate parameters, such as air temperature, precipitation, winds, land surface temperature, and solar radiation.

ATDD scientists and engineers undertake short-term and long-term studies across the U.S., as well as operate two permanent, long-term research stations in Oak Ridge: a station in the Walker Branch Watershed and a station at the Chestnut Ridge Environmental Study Site. The ATDD is heavily supported by staff on assignment from the Oak Ridge Associated Universities

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ATDD Mailing Address:

NOAA/ARL/Atmospheric Turbulence & Diffusion Division
456 South Illinois Avenue
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Phone: 865.576.1233
FAX: 865.576.1327

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