Laboratory Reviews

Laboratory science reviews are conducted to evaluate the quality, relevance, and performance of research conducted in NOAA/OAR laboratories. These reviews help to strategically position laboratories in their planning of future science and are intended to ensure that laboratory research is linked to the NOAA Strategic Plan, remains relevant to the NOAA research mission and its priorities, and is consistent with NOAA planning, programming, and budgeting processes.

ARL’s next review is March 2022. Prior to that were a review in June 2016, and one was in May 2011.

2022 ARL Lab Review Agenda – Quick Look

11:00 AM ET start

Day 1

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Day 2

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Day 3
Thursday, March 24, 2022

Welcome and Introductions (20 min)

OAR and Portfolio Overview (DAA, Portfolio Steward)
(40 min)

Lab/Program Director Presentation and Discussion (60 min)

Theme 2 Atmospheric Transport And Dispersion
(1 Hour 15 min overview presentation, 45 min discussion)

Theme 3: Boundary Layer Characterization

(1-Hour 15 min overview presentation, 45 min discussion)

Theme 2 Stakeholder Feedback Session (30 min)

Concurrent Sessions: (30 min)

Theme 3 Stakeholder Feedback Session

Line Office Representative Feedback Session w/ Gary

Theme 1: Surface-Atmosphere Exchange

(1-Hour, 15 min overview presentation, 45 min discussion)

CI/Postdoc Session. 45 mins

Review panel discussion (closed) (60 min)

Theme 1 Stakeholder Feedback Session (30 min; closed to ARL staff)

Review panel discussion (closed) (30 min)

Panel Reports Out to OAR/Lab Leadership (60 min)

Review panel discussion (closed) (30 min)