2022 ARL Research Presentations

For optimal viewing within YouTube, please select the “HD” or 1080 Format under settings. English captions are available via the YouTube settings menu.
A PDF is also available. If you do not need captions, you may view the mp4 file using the Movie link on the right.

Surface Atmosphere Exchange Theme Overview, Rick Saylor PDF

YouTube Playlist: Surface Atmosphere Exchange

National Air Quality Forecasting Capability (NAQFC) Patrick Campbell PDF Movie
UFS Atmospheric Composition Models Barry Baker PDF Movie
Surface Energy Budget Network John Kochendorfer PDF Movie
Surface Energy Budget research Praveena Krishnan PDF Movie
Reactive flux measurements and modeling (Nitrogen, et al) Nebila Lichiheb PDF Movie
Aircraft measurements (GHG, CO2) Xinrong Ren PDF Movie
Long term monitoring of Mercury Winston Luke PDF Movie
Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion Theme Overview, Mark Cohen PDF

YouTube Playlist for Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion

Nuclear Applications and Emergency Response Tianfeng Chai PDF Movie
Wildfire Applications and Emergency Response HyunCheol Kim PDF Movie
Volcano Applications and Emergency Response Alice Crawford PDF Movie
Chemical Applications and Emergency Response Sonny Zinn PDF Movie
Model Evaluation / Improvement with Tracers Fantine Ngan PDF Movie
Source Estimation using Inversions Chris Loughner PDF Movie
Boundary Layer Characterization Theme Overview, Tilden Meyers PDF

YouTube Playlist for Boundary Layer Characterization

Long Term Measurements and Science Howard Diamond PDF Movie
Research Mesonets and WRF Walt Schalk PDF Movie
Urban Boundary Layer: DCNet Will Pendergrass PDF Movie
Land Atmosphere Interactions, Campaigns Tilden Meyers PDF Movie
New Boundary Layer Technologies Temple Lee/Ed Dumas PDF Movie