NOAA’s ARC Goes to UMD Medical School

February 22,2024

On February 12, NOAA Air Resources Laboratory scientists Phillip Stratton and Jiayang Sun
spoke to the medical and law students taking a Climate Change and Health class at the
University of Maryland’s Medical School in Baltimore.

Stratton and Sun brought NOAA’s Air Resource Car (ARC) monitoring platform to introduce
ARL’s efforts in monitoring greenhouse gas and air pollution via mobile and aircraft. The
discussions centered on the intersection between environmental science and healthcare and
the environmental pollution and justice issues in Baltimore Curtis Bay, one of Maryland’s
disadvantaged communities. These topics sparked significant interest and engaging questions
from these future physicians and lawyers as we continue to understand how climate affects
public health and environmental justice issues.

This activity, and others like it, continue to demonstrate ARL’s commitment to environmental
education, public engagement, and interdisciplinary collaboration.