Grant Goodge


Senior Quality Assurance Analyst
for the US Climate Reference Network


US Climate Reference Network

Office: (423) 949-2559


University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

B.S., Geography, 1967
Post Graduate courses in Geography and Climatology, 1968

University of North Carolina at Asheville, Asheville, TN

Continuing education courses in Climatology and Oceanography, 1974-1979

Professional Experience

Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, NOAA Air Resources Laboratory, Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division, Oak Ridge, TN

2001 to present

Meteorological Science Advisor, Tri-County Western North Carolina Air Pollution Control Board

2000 to 2001

Associate Meteorological Data Specialist, Climatological Consulting Corporation, Asheville, NC

1997 to 2000

Quality Assurance Chief of Data Operations Branch, National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), Asheville, NC

1991 to 1997

Chief of Cooperative Data Branch, NCDC, Asheville, NC

1988 to 1991

Staff Assistant to Director NCDC and Liaison to American Association of State Climatologists, NCDC, Asheville, NC

1984 to 1988

Climate Analyst, Applied Climatology Branch, NCDC, Asheville, NC

1972 to 1984

Assistant to Science Advisor, NCDC, Asheville, NC

1969 to 1972

Cooperative Weather Observer, National Weather Service, Asheville, NC

1961 to 2007

More about me

Active Private pilot 1967-1993; conducted numerous aerial surveys of severe weather events in North Carolina and Tennessee. Given dozens of flight safety seminars to pilot groups and FAA personnel as well as more than 100 weather science seminars to the general public.

Weather photographer with 40,000+ still images and 300+ hours video of weather related subjects. Photos published in numerous books, technical reports, magazines, commercial advertisements, and including AOPA Pilot Magazine, the Audubon Society’s “North American Field Guide to Weather”, and a book for school aged children entitled “Wild About Weather”. Photos were also used in several court cases one of which involved the weather related deadly crash of Delta Flight 191 in Dallas, TX on August 2, 1985. More recently photos published on a UK web site called “Atmospheric Optics”. Video footage was used for a PBS/ NOVA special on “Lightning”. One of seven panelists on a 3 hour live Weather Channel Broadcast on the subject of the 1988 US Drought. Also interviewed by The Weather Channel and other television, radio, and print media on weather related subjects. Also was one of three panelists in a live monthly public radio call-in-show fielding questions on the weather.

As a Cooperative Weather Observer for the National Weather Service, young Grant is making notes on wind speeds provided by his weather station at his home in east Asheville, NC. The year was 1978.