ARL Weekly News – January 8, 2021

Upcoming Events.

AMS Conference begins Virtually.

The AMS Conference begins Jan 11, 2021 with substantial ARL’s participation in the meeting.  Some of the ARL contributions and papers are covered in more detail here:

Diamond to Chair AMS Committee on Meteorology and Oceanography of the Southern Hemisphere

Dr. Howard Diamond has now formally assumed the role as Chair of the American Meteorological Society’s (AMS) Committee on Meteorology and Oceanography of the Southern Hemisphere; his term runs from January 2021 through January 2024. This appointment marks Diamond’s second stint as chair of this committee as he served in this role from 2006-10. Dr. Diamond is a climate scientist at ARL, and some of his research on the Southern Hemisphere includes the relationship of climate phenomena to large-scale atmospheric connections, including ENSO, Madden-Julian Oscillation, Southern Annular Mode, and Pacific Decadal Oscillation.

This committee was established many years ago in recognition of some of the unique meteorological and climate conditions of the southern hemisphere which is dominated by the oceans as well as by the unique nature of Antarctica. Dr. Diamond has always been interested in southern hemispheric climate features such as his on-going study of southwest Pacific tropical cyclones, as well as his interest in the effects that various climate features such as El Niño/La Niña and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation have on Antarctic sea ice.

The keystone event that this AMS Committee holds is an international conference known as the International Conference on Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography (ICSHMO).  The 13th ICSHMO is planned for Christchurch, New Zealand in mid-February 2022, and hopefully will be able to have an in-person aspect to it.