Ten ARL Scientists to Present at 100th AMS Annual Meeting

December 2019

Drs. Michael Buban, Patrick Campbell, Tianfeng Chai, Alice Crawford, John Kochendorfer, Temple Lee, Christopher Loughner, Fong Ngan, Allison Ring, and Rick Saylor will give presentations at the American Meteorological Society’s (AMS)’s 100th Annual Meeting taking place January 13-16 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, Massachusetts. The group will give a total of 14 presentations spanning seven of the nearly 50 conferences and symposia comprising the event, with topics ranging from modeling, forecasting, prediction, analysis and validation, to meteorological observation and instrumentation, to model interoperability, hazard detection and prediction, to hydrological and climatic interactions.

On Monday, Dr. Campbell will present Initial Development of a NOAA Emissions and eXchange Unified System (NEXUS) and Drs. Lee and Buban will present posters titled Evaluation of the High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) Model Using Near-Surface Meteorological and Flux Observations and Using the U.S. Climate Reference Network to develop gridded soil moisture products over the conterminous U.S.,respectively. On Tuesday, Dr. Crawford will give a talk in the NOAA booth titled “HYSPLIT – forecasting the transport of material in the atmosphere”. Wednesday will feature Dr. Ring’s Volcanic Ash Forecast Verification Using HYSPLIT and Satellite Ash Observations Identified by VOLCAT,” Dr. Saylor’s Description and Evaluation of the FENGSHA Dust Emission Model in FV3GFS-Chem,” Dr. Crawford’s A Tracer of Opportunity Dataset for Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion Model Evaluation,” Dr. Ngan’s Evaluation of Turbulent Mixing in HYSPLIT Using a Tracer of Opportunity Dataset,” and Dr. Loughner’s Evaluation of STILT Features Incorporated into HYSPLIT.”

Dr. Kochendorfer will chair Session 12: Solid Precipitation Measurements on Thursday, during which he’ll present A New and Improved Wind Shield for the Measurement of Solid Precipitation.” Dr. Chai will co-chair Session 13A: Source Inversion and Atmospheric Dispersion Model Validation Topics, during which he’ll present HYSPLIT inverse modeling using flight observations to estimate SO2, CO2, and NOx point source emissions.” Drs. Ring, Buban, and Lee round out the day’s ARL presentations with Anthropogenic VOCs in the Long Island Sound, New York, Airshed and Their Role in Ozone Production,” Evaluation of New Monin-Obukhov and Bulk Richardson Parameterizations of the surface layer in Large Eddy Simulations,” and Development and evaluation of new Monin-Obukhov and bulk Richardson parameterizations to improve the representation of surface-atmosphere exchange in weather forecasting models,” respectively.

In all, twenty-three ARL scientists co-authored one or more presentations for this meeting. Their names and number of co-authored presentations are as follows: Barry Baker (3), C. Bruce Baker (5), Buban (4), Mark Cohen (3), Crawford (3), Edward Dumas (2), Mark Hall (1), Jerome Heffter (1), Paul Kelley (1), Pius Lee (1), T. Lee (5), Loughner (2), Winston Luke (2), Tilden Meyers (3), Ngan (3), Xinrong Ren (2), Ring (1), Saylor (1), Ariel Stein (4), Barbara Stunder (1), Youhua Tang (1), Daniel Tong (2), and Bai Yang (1).