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Urban 2003 Field Campaign


June 25, 2003

The URBAN 2003 field program is about to start in Oklahoma City. The study is funded mainly by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and by the Department of Energy, but NOAA/ARL is taking a central part. Dr. Ray Hosker of ARL/Oak Ridge has been leading the science team designing the field program. The dispersion team from ARL/Idaho Falls will be conducting most of the tracer studies. The NOAA Twin Otter aircraft, carrying the ARL mobile flux platform system, will be taking part in the study. The aircraft will be measuring air-surface exchanbge rates of heat, moisture, momentum, and carbon dioxide during the study, primarily to document conditions upwind of the urban area.

Additional information:
Contact information: Rayford P. Hosker
Phone: (865) 576-1248