Annual HYSPLIT Workshop Breaks Attendance Record, Flourishes Under New Online Format

June 2019

ARL’s annual HYSPLIT workshop is being held remotely this year, enabling the course to span four weeks instead of the usual four days spent in person. Nearly 215 registered attendees from 24 different countries spanning North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia are taking part in the inaugural online-only session. Overall, the class includes approximately 70 more individuals from 10 more countries than last year’s combined audience of on-site and online participants.

Taking place from May 27 through June 25, each week of the workshop has a designated focus on different sections of prepared tutorials, such as installation, meteorology, trajectories, and dispersion; empowering users to learn the materials at their own pace and convenience. ARL’s HYSPLIT experts are readily available to assist workshop participants throughout the course. In addition to answering questions submitted via the HYSPLIT Forum during the week, ARL is holding one-hour video sessions at 4 p.m. EDT on Mondays and 9 a.m. EDT on Tuesdays to answer any remaining questions from the previous week’s instruction. As a bonus, if and when time permits, the HYSPLIT team is allowing users to ask questions regarding the current week’s material.

HYSPLIT workshops are generally held in June, with registration opening one and a half to two months in advance. Anyone interested in participating in a future workshop is encouraged to visit

Eight people in front of a large monitor displaying a page showing 2019 HYSPLIT Workshop
Six people in front of a large monitor, two of them discussing something on a laptop screen (facing away)

Members of the HYSPLIT team during the interactive session on June 3, 2019. Credit: NOAA