Saharan Dust Storm Moves Across the Atlantic

July 7, 2023

Visualizations from the NOAA-developed Global Ensemble Forecast System – Aerosol (GEFS-Aerosol) demonstrates the size and intensity of a Saharan dust storm as it migrates across the Atlantic. As these dust clouds move towards the US continent, they have the potential to reduce air quality across the southeastern US in the coming days.

GEFS-Aerosols is an atmospheric composition model that produces seven-day forecasts of the global distribution of some primary air pollutants: smoke, soot, organic carbon, sulfate, and large and small particles of dust and sea salt – collectively known as aerosols. Because these aerosols affect the weather, the model also provides weather forecasts. Dust particles contribute to poor air quality and can exacerbate health conditions in vulnerable and sensitive populations. Stay tuned to your local forecast office for dust warnings if you are in an affected area.

NWS Miami tweet on July 7 indicates the impact of the Saharan Dust as it moves across the Atlantic and approaches Miami.