ARL Weekly News – February 5, 2021

Recent Events

JHU Class Focusses on Atmospheric Mercury

Mark Cohen will give a 2-hour invited lecture on “Atmospheric Mercury” in a doctoral course at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) on Feb 9, 2021. The lecture will include atmospheric fate and transport, emissions, source-receptor relationships, modeling, and measurements. The course is being taught by Harihar Rajaram, Professor and Deputy Chair, Department of Environmental Health and Engineering, JHU, and Editor-in-Chief, Geophysical Research Letters. All students in the JHU Environmental Health and Engineering (EHE) program take the course (Advanced Environmental Health for EHE First-Year Doctoral Students (180.612.01). This year, the entire course is focused on mercury as a case study, including a wide range of mercury-focused public health, policy, environmental fate, toxicology, biology, chemistry, and social-science topics.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Forum Invited Speaker

LaToya Myles will give an invited talk at the NOAA GFDL Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Community Forum on February 8.  She will discuss her perspective on honors and awards in the geosciences, the impacts of implicit biases, and leading practices for improving representation and increasing interest in awards at various levels (agency, professional societies, etc.).