ARL Weekly News – February 10, 2023

Media Mentions

NOAA’s Air Resources Car (ARC) profiled on DC area news

ARL’s work on monitoring greenhouse gases was featured on a WUSA-TV Channel 9 piece by meteorologist Kaitlyn McGrath. The DC area news outlet covered the research that Xinrong Ren and Phil Stratton are conducting with mobile and airborne monitoring. The clip is available at:

Fact Checking of Climate Postings

Howard Diamond recently assisted USA Today Fact Check Fellow Isabella Fertel with their evaluation of the causes of global warming, particularly the Vostok ice core record.  See: Fact check: Human activity, not temperature cycles, responsible for recent global warming.

Recent Activities

Talk on Wildfire Induced Nitrogen Deposition

Dr. Patrick Campbell was invited by Linda Geiser at the U.S. Forest Service to give a presentation of his work on “Pronounced increases in nitrogen emissions and deposition due to the historic 2020 wildfires in the western U.S.”. This presentation was given to the Forest Service Air Resource Management (FARM) deposition team on February 8th, and was a reprise of Dr. Campbell’s similar talk given at the 2022 National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) Fall meeting. The presentation was well received and resulted in much discussion on the impacts, uncertainties, and implications of wildfires on nitrogen deposition and critical loads. Further information on the topic may be found in the recent publication in Science of the Total Environment (


Accepted: “Inferred Vehicular Emissions at a Near-Road Site: Impacts of COVID-19 Restrictions, Traffic Patterns, and Ambient Air Temperature” has been accepted for publication in Atmospheric Environment. Authors include Dolly Hall-Quinlan; Hao He; Xinrong Ren; Timothy P. Canty; Ross J. Salawitch; Phillip Stratton; Russell R. Dickerson.