ARL Weekly News – September 29, 2023

Upcoming Events.

Presentations and Conferences: Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling Liaison Committee.

On October 4th, Nebila Lichiheb is an invited speaker for the Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling Liaison Committee. The ADMLC seminar is sponsored by the UK Health Security Agency, Harwell (near Oxford). The topic of the presentation is: Processes of ammonia surface-atmosphere exchange in different ecosystems across the U.S.

Presentations and Conferences: USGS Volcano Science Center Briefing

Alice Crawford is scheduled to present on Oct 19 at the USGS Volcano Science Center on: What is Quantitative Volcanic Ash (QVA) and how is the modeling of volcanic emissions evolving?

Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers (VAACs) operating within the framework of the International Airways Volcano Watch (IAVW) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) are responsible for issuing volcanic ash advisories (VAAs) aimed at safeguarding aviation. In the near future, the VAACs will expand their services to include gridded concentration data and ensemble-based probability assessments specific to ash concentration thresholds, collectively known as Quantitative Volcanic Ash (QVA). This enhanced information delivery hinges on advancements in volcanic ash detection and measurement via satellite, developments in volcanic emissions modeling, and the establishment of concentration thresholds pertinent to aviation safety.

This presentation will focus on these developments within the context of work conducted at NOAA’s Air Resources Laboratory (ARL) utilizing the HYSPLIT model. The HYSPLIT Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion Model (ATDM), maintained and developed by NOAA’s Air Resources Laboratory for over four decades, serves as an operational tool for several VAACs. Additionally, it is utilized in the VOG Measurement and Prediction Project at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. New model developments include an ensemble dispersion system, utilizing NOAA’s Global Ensemble Forecasting System (GEFS), and data fusion techniques which incorporate information from NOAA’s VOLcanic Cloud and Analysis Toolkit (VOLCAT) into the modeling framework.

Presentations and Conferences: Research Transitions Fireside Chat

Alice is also scheduled to be a panelist at the Research Transitions Fireside Chat sponsored by the NOAA library on “Examples of Recently Finalized Transition Plans – Lessons Learned