ARL Weekly News – November 25, 2022

Recent Events

Mauna Loa Eruption

NWS Honolulu Weather Forecast Office Ashfall Advisory for Nov 28, 2022

NWS CWSU Oakland SIGMET Aviation Advisory for November 28, 2022, in response to the Mauna Loa eruption.

HYSPLIT Volcanic Ash runs were produced in response to the Mauna Loa eruption on November 28, 2022. NOAA’s Weather Forecast Office in Honolulu issued an Ashfall Advisory for the island until 10 a.m. on Nov 28 HST. Volcanic ash is a very fine powder that contains sharp edges which pose an inhalation danger, even for people without preexisting conditions.

Eruption of Earth’s largest volcano led to aviation advisories and some flight cancellations in Hilo, which were suspended on Nov 29. ARL’s HYSPLIT volcanic ash model is the core of the Volcanic Ash dispersion modeling. Meteorological Watch Offices use the HYSPLIT forecasts, among other sources of information, for writing Volcanic Ash Advisories and Significant Meteorological Information warning messages (called SIGMETs), respectively, to keep aviation officials apprised of current conditions.

During this active period, NOAA’s National Weather Service and other offices continually monitor a number of conditions in real time. The current volcanic ash status for Mauna Loa, along with other volcanos in North America, is updated four times daily when activity is detected.