ARL Weekly News – March 27, 2020

Recent Events

MONET Version 2.2 and MONETIO Version 0.1 Released: On March 25, ARL released Model and ObservatioN Evaluation Tool Version 2.2 (MONET v.2.2) and Model and ObservatioN Evaluation Tool Input and Output v0.1 (MONETIO). MONET v.2.2 boasts major updates designed to streamline the user experience and facilitate a more robust development environment. MONETIO is a new repository for the input/output libraries. It was implemented to provide more flexibility for users. For details, please visit


Evaluating a fire smoke simulation algorithm in the National Air Quality Forecast Capability (NAQFC) by using multiple observation data sets during the Southeast Nexus (SENEX) field campaign” has been accepted for publication in the journal of Geoscientific Model Development. It was authored by Li Pan, HyunCheol Kim, Pius Lee, Rick Saylor, Youhua Tang, Daniel Tong, Barry Baker, Shobha Kondragunta, Chuanyu Xu, Weiwei Chen, Jeff Mcqueen and Ivanka Stajner. The paper highlighted that the operational NAQFC was capable of capturing major wildfire signals and successfully transforming those signals to emission mass and heat fluxes; however, the lack of smoke plume treatment for intruding plumes from outside the forecast domain through the appropriate application of lateral chemical boundary conditions was a modeling deficiency. ARL is currently working with the Earth System Research Laboratory to develop a modeling system to address this deficiency.