ARL Weekly News – March 25, 2022

Recent Accomplishments

ARL Completes OAR Lab Review

The periodic five year review of OAR Lab’s Performance was completed on March 24, 2022.  The review was held virtually and prerecorded presentations covered a number of ARL research activities over the review period such as aircraft measurements of GHGs, air quality forecasting methods and improvements, HYPSLIT source estimation capability and a range of HYSPLIT use cases, as well as land-atmosphere campaigns and urban boundary layer characterization. The review team will submit their findings within a few months, but the overall feedback was positive from the stakeholders and the review team.  Further details and presentations are available online.

Southern Appalachian Science and Engineering Fair

Temple Lee, Ed Dumas, and Travis Schuyler served as judges at the Southern Appalachian Science and Engineering Fair held March 29, 2022, in person at the University of Tennessee for the first time since the beginning of the covid19 pandemic. Temple, Ed, and Travis judged junior and senior-level projects in the environmental sciences and environmental engineering categories. They also determined the best atmospheric science project, which received a national NOAA award and a local award from the American Meteorological Society’s Smoky Mountain Chapter.