ARL Weekly News – June 30, 2023

Recent Events

Wildfire Smoke Continues Across US.

NOAA’s National Air Quality Forecast Capability (NAQFC) continues to track and forecast air quality impacts of Canadian wildfires across the US. The 2023 wildfire season for Canada has brought smoke and other fire emissions to the US, covering a large portion of the nation. The Canadian wildfires affected states from Chicago to Maryland.

LaPenta Interns briefed on ARL

Dr. Howard Diamond, in his role as Director of ARL’s Atmospheric Sciences and Modeling Division, provided an ARL 101 presentation covering activities across all of ARL’s Divisions at an informational seminar for summer Lapenta interns on June 29th. There were approximately 20 interns present; the session went very well; and a number of very good questions were posed by the group concerning ARL’s activities.


Publications Accepted: NOAA’s Global Forecast System Data in the Cloud for Community Air Quality Modeling by ARL’s Patrick C. Campbell, Weifeng Rick Jiang, Zachary Moon, Sonny Zinn, and Youhua Tang, in Atmosphere