ARL Weekly News – June 23, 2023

Recent Events

Greater D.C. Area Atmospheric Composition and Modeling Workshop

Drs. Patrick Campbell, Daniel Tong, and Youhua Tang of ARL hosted the inaugural Greater D.C. Area Atmospheric Composition and Modeling Workshop on Thursday, June 22, 2023 at George Mason University. This exploratory workshop brought together people from academia and national laboratories to foster discussion and collaboration in the greater D.C. area, with an overall goal to make progress in the areas of atmospheric composition and related applications. The workshop was hosted by the GMU Satellite and Earth System Studies program, and this year’s themes were emissions, air quality modeling, and data fusion. Participants included GMU, University of Maryland, Howard University, John Hopkins University, George Washington University, NOAA Air Resources Laboratory, NASA/Morgan State University, and the Joint Global Change Research Institute/PNNL.  NOAA ARL Director Dr. Ariel Stein gave the keynote address on ARL Urban Greenhouse Gases Measurements, Modeling, Reporting, and Evaluation. Ideas and future plans are in the works to grow this network and collaboration both within and outside the greater DC area.

Atmospheric Composition and Modeling Workshop Participants (picture taken by Dr. BH Baek, GMU participant in the workshop)