ARL Weekly News – July 29, 2022

Conferences and Events

AGU Honors and Recognition Committee.

LaToya Myles chaired an AGU Honors and Recognition Committee Meeting on July 20-21. The committee of 15 scientists from five countries convened in-person at AGU Headquarters in Washington, DC and via Zoom. As chair, she is leading a comprehensive review of AGU’s ~150 awards to ensure compliance with the Union’s strategic goals. In addition, she is the lead convener of an Honors Program town hall planned for the 2023 Fall Meeting in Chicago.

Unifying Innovations in Forecasting Capabilities Workshop held July 18-22.

Unifying Innovations in Forecasting Capabilities Workshop assembled the Earth Prediction Innovation Center (EPIC), the Unified Forecast System (UFS), and the UFS Research to Operations communities to explore avenues for their own research development, learn about updates to the UFS, share successes and plan future work. Youhua Tang presented his poster titled “Compare and Evaluate JEDI AIRNow and AOD Assimilations for RRFS-CMAQ: a Case Study for Summer 2019”. It highlighted the recent progress of the JTTI FY20 aerosol data assimilation (DA) project. All the DA methods proposed are available and have been compared. By adjusting the initial condition, the DA methods effectively improve the general performance of the regional PM2.5 predictions over the contiguous United States.