ARL Weekly News – July 22, 2022

Conferences and Events

26th Annual George Mason University Conference on Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion Modeling

ARL is cosponsoring the 26th Annual George Mason University Transport & Dispersion Modeling Conference July 26-28, at George Mason University. Topics cover a wide range under the general category of atmospheric transport and dispersion modeling. The model evaluation session will include: Evaluation of Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion Model Ensemble Output by Alice Crawford, Tianfeng Chai, Binyu Wang, Allison Ring, Justin Sieglaff, Michael Pavolonis.

ARL Interns

Faria Panwala, Pathways Intern

Faria is a rising senior at Georgia Tech at the school of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, with a focus on meteorology. She is working at ATDD with Dr. Rick Saylor, Dr. Temple Lee, and Dr. Travis Schuyler to analyze the output of the HRRR model during severe weather events. These outputs are cross-referenced with storm watches/warnings to assess the effectiveness of warnings issued during tornadic activity. She looks forward to working with the ATDD over the next year on this important project.