ARL Weekly News – July 17, 2020

Recent Events

Analysis of HYSPLIT based Smoke Plume Transport Model

Hyun Cheol Kim authored a paper “Inverse modeling of fire emission constrained by smoke plume transport using HYSPLIT dispersion model and geostationary observations”, which was accepted by Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. In this research, a new emissions inverse modeling system to estimate wildfire emissions was developed using geostationary observations and HYSPLIT dispersion modeling system. The case analysis of the HEIMS model is shown below. Publication:, 2020.

Detection of fires over the southeastern US on 10 November 2016. True-color images from MODIS (left), GASP AOD (middle), and ASDTA AOD (right) are shown.

Dr. Kim also co-authored a paper entitled “Long-term increase in atmospheric stagnant conditions over northeast Asia and the role of greenhouse gases-driven warming”, which was accepted by Atmospheric Environment. This study demonstrates increased static stability and decreased wind speed in East Asia, causing stagnant conditions and worsening air quality issues in the region.


Workshop on signatures of man-made isotope production

Tianfeng Chai and Alice Crawford participated in the virtual roundtable for stack monitoring data at the Workshop on signatures of man-made isotope production (WOSMIP). A recording of the roundtable is available at