ARL Weekly News – February 12, 2021

Recent Events

LaToya Myles Appointed Director

LaToya Myles, Ph.D. is now the permanent Director and Supervisory Scientist of the Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division (ATDD) of NOAA’s Air Resources Laboratory.  Her research career at NOAA has been focused on understanding the science of atmospheric chemistry and its effects on the environment. Her research on the boundary layer of our atmosphere has tackled the ammonia exchange between the atmosphere and the biosphere.

After receiving a dual Bachelor’s in Chemistry and Biology from Alcorn State University, she joined the agency through NOAA’s Educational Partnership Program with Minority Serving Institutions that she credits with providing her invaluable mentorship.  Her doctoral research was conducted with the NOAA Air Resources Laboratory for a dissertation focusing on atmospheric deposition of pollutants and their impact on ecosystems, which has implications for both human and environmental health.

Dr. Myles earned her Ph.D. through the NOAA Environmental Cooperative Science Center, now the Center for Coastal and Marine Ecosystems, at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida.  Upon completion of her dissertation, Myles became a physical scientist in the NOAA ATDD; later, she was promoted to supervisory physical scientist, and finally took on the role of Director this February 2021. She is the first woman and the first Black person to hold this position in the office’s 73-year history.

The full announcement is available on ARL’s website.

ORAU Podcast with Nebila Lichiheb

Nebila Lichiheb was interviewed for an ORAU podcast about her ORISE intelligence community fellowship. She talks about DCNET and her research on urban meteorological environments in the episode, available here:

Recent Publications

Chen, Y., Shen, H., Kaiser, J., Hu, Y., Capps, S. L., Zhao, S., Hakami, A., Shih, J.-S., Pavur, G. K., Turner, M. D., Henze, D. K., Resler, J., Nenes, A., Napelenok, S. L., Bash, J. O., Fahey, K. M., Carmichael, G. R., Chai, T., Clarisse, L., Coheur, P.-F., Van Damme, M., and Russell, A. G.: High-resolution hybrid inversion of IASI ammonia columns to constrain US ammonia emissions using the CMAQ adjoint model, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 21, 2067–2082,, 2021.