ARL Weekly News – December 18, 2020

Recent Events

ARL Use of Small Uncrewed Aerial Systems Described in “Inside Unmanned Systems”

An interview with Bruce Baker in the December/January issue of Inside Unmanned Systems describes ARL’s use of small uncrewed aerial systems to measure the planetary boundary layer. These uncrewed vehicles, or drones, are used by ARL to provide coverage for an area that was less well understood, as the UAS reach above the general height of weather towers.

Described in “Science in the Skies,” by author Charles Q. Choi, the article also includes descriptions and pictures of the vehicles in the larger NOAA fleet. The issue includes other results and thorough and interesting descriptions of some of the many ways NOAA is advancing the use of these uncrewed systems for earth, ocean and atmospheric science, observations, forecasting, service and stewardship.


Recently Published on Forecasting the Transport of Volcanic Ash

“The Use of Gaussian Mixture Models with Atmospheric Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Models for Density Estimation and Feature Identification” by Alice Crawford has been published in Atmosphere as part of the Special Issue: Forecasting the Transport of Volcanic Ash in Atmosphere. It is now available online. Abstract:; DOI: