ARL Weekly News – August 13, 2021

Recent Events

Summer Intern Season Winds Down

Justin Bettenhauser finished up his internship by giving a presentation at the Lapenta Intern Presentation Workshop on Thursday August 12th. The presentation was titled “Evaluation of Probabilistic Volcanic Ash Forecasts produced using the HYSPLIT model and the Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS).” Justin worked with Dr. Alice Crawford over the summer and studies at Plymouth State University.

Alanna Goodell also presented at the Lapenta Intern Presentation Workshop with a presentation entitled “Emissions of Greenhouse Gases and Short-lived Air Pollutants Based on Aircraft and Surface Observations in New York City in 2020.” She will also submit an abstract to the AMS 2022 annual meeting. Alanna worked with Drs. Xinrong Ren and Winston Luke over the summer and is a rising senior at Northern Arizona University.


NCWCP Congressional Visit by Brown (MD-4) Staff and Interns.

On Tuesday August 10; interns and staff from Congressman Anthony Brown’s (MD-4) district office visited the National Center for Weather and Climate Prediction (NCWCP) in College Park. This visit was a familiarization tour for the group of activities that occur in Congressman Brown’s district; NCWCP is not technically in his district however, it is in Prince Georges County which constitutes the majority of his district.

The group received a set of science/program presentations from the NWS, NESDIS, and OAR (ARL) components in the building. Dr. Howard Diamond provided an ARL 101 presentation to the group and fielded a number of questions on climate, particularly given the release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 6th Assessment Report that took place the day before. The group seemed impressed by all the NOAA presentations and came away with a good impression.

Following the talks, the group was taken up to the 4th floor for tours of the operational areas, including the ARL’s Laboratory where Dr. Xinrong Ren conducted a tour of the laboratory facility and had the opportunity to expand on the research presented earlier. All COVID-19 protocols on masking and spacing were adhered to, and in addition, in line with Federal guidelines, the visitors were all fully vaccinated.