ARL Weekly News – August 5, 2022

Recent Events

HYSPLIT Supports Response to Propane Leak in Shell Knob, MO.

NOAA WFO Springfield responded to a  propane leak at Shell Knob MO with several HYSPLIT runs on Wednesday, August 3.  The WFO ran several simulations as firetrucks cooled the propane tank by ferrying over 175,000 gallons of water from the Shell Knob bridge.  Emergency response teams doused the tanks for hours until they were empty.

Fire engines douse the propone tank to mitigate dispersion. Image credit: Central Crossing Fire Protection District, Shell Knob, MO

HYSPLIT simulations of propane dispersion for August 4, 2022, near Shell Knob, MO.

Conferences and Events

AGU Chapman Conference

Nebila Lichieb will attend the AGU Chapman Conference August 11-14, 2022. AGU Chapman Conferences are interactive meetings focused on solving challenges in a specific scientific field.  The Second National Conference: Justice in Geoscience engages intergenerational and convergent coalitions to broaden participation of underrepresented students and scholars in geosciences and related disciplines.