ARL Weekly News – August 25, 2023

Recent Events

New MONET and MONETIO releases

Updates and fixes to MONET and MONETIO were released last week; further information is on GitHub.

  • The Model and ObservatioN Evaluation Toolkit (MONET) v2.2.9 is a maintenance release. The RTD docsbuild is now fixed, and the docs have been refreshed a bit, including the addition of API documentation for the xarray and pandas accessors (#130).
  • The Model and ObservatioN Evaluation Toolkit (MONET) v0.2.4 includes bug fixes for the ISH (ISD and ISDLite), OpenAQ, and HYSPLIT readers, as well as CI maintenance.

Ice Age Fact Check published

USAToday published an article fact checking the relationship between CO2 and climate, featuring Dr. Howard Diamond. He reiterated the relationship between atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and global temperatures.