ARL Weekly News – February 4, 2022

Upcoming Events

Super Bowl HYSPLIT Updates

In preparation for Super Bowl LVI, ARL’s HYSPLIT development team has updated both the locations and frequency of automated atmospheric transport simulations over the Los Angeles basin. This effort was requested by NWS’s Los Angeles/Oxnard, CA Weather Forecast Office, which is providing decision support services to the local emergency management community in preparation for this event.

Current forecasts predict a hot, dry day for this championship game. Temperatures are predicted to reach the low 80’s before kickoff at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA on February 13, 2022.

Recent Events

Atmospheric Mercury Lecture to Johns Hopkins Environmental Health Program

Mark Cohen gave a 2-hour invited lecture on “Atmospheric Mercury” to the Advanced Environmental Health graduate-level course at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) on Feb 3, 2022. The lecture included a discussion of atmospheric fate and transport, emissions, source-receptor relationships, modeling, and measurements. The course is being taught by Harihar Rajaram, Professor and Deputy Chair, Department of Environmental Health and Engineering, JHU, and Editor-in-Chief, Geophysical Research Letters. All graduate students in the JHU Environmental Health and Engineering (EHE) program take the course.

Commencement of Anaiya Reliford’s NERTO Internship at ATDD

Anaiya Reliford, a PhD student in the NOAA Cooperative Science Center in Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology (NCAS-M) at Howard University is commencing her NOAA Experiential Research and Training Opportunities (NERTO) internship at ATDD under the mentorship of Drs. LaToya Myles and Travis J. Schuyler. Anaiya’s project will be focused on developing an optical particle counter (OPC) for boundary-layer measurements of PM2.5 via small uncrewed aircraft systems (UxS). Anaiya’s work aims to reduce the bias of PM2.5 measurements attributed to variable relative humidity and justify optimal OPC sensor placement on the UxS through computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel testing. She will also be assisting with development of future UxS operations to be performed post-pandemic.