ARL Weekly News – April 8, 2024

Recent Events

Open House at ATDD

As part of ARL’s 75th Anniversary celebrations, the Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division in Oak Ridge, TN, is hosting an open house event the week of April 22. Attendees will have the chance to talk to the scientists, engineers, and technicians conducting the research. Several stations set around the grounds will demonstrate the ways we gather data.

Recent Events

Balloon Launch

On 2 April, Temple Lee, Tom Wood, Randy White, Dominick Christensen, and Kurt Daniels performed a rawinsonde launch from ATDD as requested by colleagues from the NWS Weather Forecast Office in Morristown, TN. Observations from the  rawinsonde supported their forecast operations and provided greater situational awareness of the mesoscale environment prior to the forecasted severe weather that impacted the region on 2 April and included a reported tornado ~ 40 km north of ATDD about one hour after the rawinsonde launch.