Tiffany House to Receive EEO/Diversity Individual Award

December 2018

Ms. Tiffany House will receive an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)/Diversity Individual Award during the OAR Awards Ceremony. Originally scheduled for December 5 in Silver Spring, Maryland, this event will now take place in early 2019. Ms. House is ARL’s budget analyst and an ad hoc member of OAR’s EEO Advisory Committee, a role she accepted at the request of EEO/Diversity Program Manager, Nicole Mason. The citation on her award reads, “For serving as an Ad Hoc member of the EEO Advisory Committee and adding value by offering ideas, opinions and recommendations. Additionally, for serving as the Nominations and Elections Chair for the Committee’s First Election of Executive Board Members.”

House expressed gratitude for both the award and the privilege of serving on behalf of her entire organization. “I am truly grateful to receive this award,” she said. “EEO and Diversity is very important to me. Throughout my career at NOAA, I have been blessed by opportunities to serve my colleagues through various diversity-related committees. I am thankful to Nicole for her contributions to EEO, and I am happy to stand on her shoulders.”

Before joining ARL, Ms. House spent two years in OAR’s Budget and Execution Division and over eight years as a contractor supporting the National Ocean Service’s (NOS) National Geodetic Survey (NGS) Remote Sensing Division. She planned diversity-related events for employees as the lead of NGS’s People Committee, received the NOS Team Member of the Year Award in 2010, and served as the Vice President for NOAA’s Seas & Skies Chapter of Federally Employed Women from 2012-2014. House currently represents ARL on the Combined Federal Campaign Keyworker Team and is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

About OAR’s EEO/Diversity Program

NOAA places significant emphasis on fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, ensuring a work environment where every individual is treated with dignity and respect. For more information on OAR’s EEO/Diversity Program, please visit

Tiffany and another honoree posing with their awards, along with three members of NOAA management.
Tiffany House (in black and gold) all smiles after receiving her award. Credit: NOAA.

UPDATE: The ceremony took place on March 12, 2019.