ARL’s Ogie Olanday Receives Employee of the Year Award

December, 2015

Congratulations to ARL’s Ogie Olanday for being awarded with an OAR Employee of the Year Award. The award recognizes OAR employees who have made outstanding contributions to promote excellence in the operations or programs of NOAA Research. Ogie was awarded for outstanding administrative service in support of the ARL mission.

Ogie exemplifies the best attributes of an OAR employee. He makes a significant contribution to ARL’s ability to meet the NOAA mission in a number of ways, including effective travel management, visitor coordination, and by ensuring that staff have necessary equipment and services to publish papers and move products into operations. His work is of the highest quality, he treats everyone well, and he helps set a collegial tone in the Lab.

The award recipients were honored at an awards ceremony in Silver Spring, Maryland on December 9, 2015.

For More Information, contact: Steve Fine

Photo of Craig McLean giving award to Ogie Olanday

OAR Assistant Administrator, Craig McLean, with Ogie Olanday at the awards ceremony. Photo: NOAA