ARL’s LaToya Myles Visits Oakland, CA Elementary School

On December 8, 2011, ARL’s LaToya Myles visited Maxwell Park Elementary School in Oakland, CA to talk with students about environmental science, her career, and NOAA. Some of the students had studied air quality and recently completed a simple experiment to measure particles in the air outside their classroom. They were eager to learn how NOAA scientists conduct air quality measurements. Her visit was a part of the Science, Engineering, and Math (SEM) Link Math and Science Career Academy’s initiative to expose youth to the diversity of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines by providing opportunities for them to meet and interact with STEM professionals. SEM Link,Inc. is a tax- exempt nonprofit organization that promotes student achievement and career exploration in math and science for K-12 students by connecting them with individuals with backgrounds in science, engineering and mathematics. Dr. Myles is co-chair of the SEM Link’s Advisory Board. She also shared resources with the students and teachers that NOAA produces to promote environmental literacy and increase awareness of its work nationwide.

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LaToya Myles speaking to students at Maxwell Park Elementary School