Article by Two ARL Scientists Featured in EM Magazine

November 2018

“Advancing Air Quality Forecasting to Protect Human Health,” written by ARL’s Daniel Tong and Youhua Tang, appeared in the October 2018 issue of EM magazine. The article begins by succinctly explaining the importance of air quality forecasting, then launches into an overview of the decision-making process related to issuing air quality advisories. Since ARL leads NOAA’s effort to upgrade the National Air Quality Forecast Capability, or NAQFC, as an operational product, the majority of the piece focuses on highlighting recent advancements in air quality forecasting with respect to specific categories of pollutants. Oil and gas emissions, windblown dust and wildfires, and volcanic eruptions are several of the pollutants detailed in the article, which also features a graphic of particulate matter concentration created by ARL’s Barry Baker.


NAQFC is an air quality forecasting service to the nation that is particularly vital to the daily living of sensitive groups who should minimize their exposure to unhealthy ambient air. ARL’s atmospheric scientists have led the research and implementation testing of NAQFC since the program’s inception in 2003. Upgrades are realized via a close collaboration with the National Centers for Environmental Prediction’s Environmental Modeling Center.

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EM is a monthly magazine for environmental managers published by the Air & Waste Management Association, known as A&WMA.

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