ARL Scientists Readying for 2019 AGU Fall Meeting

November 2019

Praveena Krishnan, Nebila Lichiheb, Tilden Meyers, LaToya Myles, Allison Ring, and Youhua Tang will give presentations at the American Geophysical Union (AGU)’s Centennial Fall Meeting December 9-13 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. Dr. Myles will be the first speaker featured in the NOAA booth, where she’ll present “Cross-disciplinary studies of atmospheric ammonia along the coasts.” She’ll also serve as a panelist for a professional development workshop titled “Opportunities Beyond Academia” and will jointly convene and chair a session titled “Understanding Atmospheric Nitrogen Exchange in Coastal and Estuarine Ecosystems I Posters” with Dr. Lichiheb. Lichiheb will present two posters during her session, “Atmospheric ammonia measurements over a coastal salt marsh ecosystem along the Mid-Atlantic U.S.” and “Trace gas effluxes at night – the virtual chamber statistical methodology.” Other poster presentations include Dr. Ring’s “Volcanic Ash Forecast Verification using HYSPLIT and Satellite Ash Observations Identified by VOLCAT” and “Anthropogenic VOCs in the Washington-New York City Airshed and their Role in Ozone Production,” Ms. Krishnan’s “Long-term observations of energy, water vapor and CO2 fluxes over a temperate deciduous forest in Tennessee,” Dr. Tang’s “Development of a Fast-Response Volcanic SO2 Prediction System: A Study for the 2018 Mt. Kilauea Eruption using a Chemical Transport Model and Satellite Data,” and Dr. Meyers’ “Observing and Modeling the Seasonal Profile of Leaf Area for a Mid-western No-till Corn/Soybean Ecosystem.” Finally, a colleague and co-author from NOAA’s National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service will present Dr. Tianfeng Chai’s poster titled “Wildfire smoke forecasts using HYSPLIT-based emission inverse modeling system and satellite observations.”

The following ARL personnel co-authored one or more presentations for presentation at the meeting: Barry Baker, Patrick Campbell, Alice Crawford, Mark Heuer, Hyun Cheol Kim, John Kochendorfer, Pius Lee, Winston Luke, Tilden Meyers, LaToya Myles, Xinrong Ren, Rick Saylor, Ariel Stein, Barbara Stunder, Daniel Tong, Timothy Wilson, and Bai Yang.