ARL News

Urban Research and Atmospheric Dispersion


November 28, 2004

Many ARL scientists have been intimately involved in the preparation of three reports under the aegis of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorological Services and Supporting Research. The first of these focused on the models used by the federal agencies to describe dispersion. Of the hundreds of models now in use, seven were identified to be operational nationwide. This first report is now available on a limited distribution basis. The second report builds upon the first. It reviews the state of the science and prioritizes research needed to develop a new generation of improved dispersion models, suitable for use in urban situations. This second report is now in final draft, and is ready for printing. The third report is now being prepared; it focuses on the many needs for better understanding of the atmospheric physics and chemistry affecting urban areas and cities, concentrating on factors that control human exposure. The ARL team has been responsible for a major part of this overall activity. People from all of the ARL Divisions have been involved – Silver Spring, Oak Ridge, Research Triangle Park, Las Vegas, and Idaho Falls. All other agencies with a stake in the urban dispersion business have been involved.

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