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OAR/NOS/NWS dispersion linkages are strengthening

September 5, 2003

As a next step in the coupled NOAA dispersion program that is rapidly evolving, one of the prototype ARL DCNet/UrbaNet dispersion forecasting systems will soon be set up in the NOS HAZMAT offices in Seattle. The installation will by scientists of the ARL Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division in Oak Ridge, TN. One goal is to provide a direct linkage between the ARL regional dispersion capability (as is now operationalized within the NWS) and the near-field ALOHA/CAMEO systems of the NOS. It was previously reported that arrangements have been made to install one of these advanced DCNet/UrbaNet systems at the NWS/WFO in Sterling, VA. We look forward to a collaborative effort to provide NOAA and its clients with the best possible dispersion forecasting system for Homeland Security applications, focused on urban areas and their surroundings.

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