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NOAA/ARL and EPA/NERL host NOAA-EPA Scientist-to Scientist Meeting, RTP


March 4, 2004

For nearly 50 years, EPA and NOAA (and their predecessor agencies) have been working together, to ensure the best possible coupling of meteorology and air chemistry in the nation’s air quality regulatory system. The Division of the Air Resources Laboratory at Research Triangle Park (North Carolina) is the key element in this collaboration. With the emergence of air quality forecasting as a mainstream deliverable of both agencies, the nature of the collaboration has changed considerably. The interaction is now intended to be far broader, with the ARL activity serving as a nucleus for a wider NOAA involvement. This was formalized last year, with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the EPA and the Department of Commerce concerning the way in which NOAA and EPA work together scientifically.

A series of Scientist-to-Scientist workshops was prescribed in the MoU. The first of these gatherings just came to a highly successful conclusion. The meeting was at Research Triangle Park, and was attended by close to 100 scientists and air quality managers from both agencies. The meeting was organized by NOAA/ARL and EPA/NERL. NERL is the National Exposure Research Laboratory.

Contact information: Bruce B. Hicks
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