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NOAA-EPA Scientist-to-Scientist Meetings: #3 Deposition


February 9, 2005

Plans are now finalizing for the third in the series of “scientist-to-scientist” meetings set up under the Air Quality Memorandum of Understanding between EPA and NOAA. The meeting will take place in Annapolis on 30/31 March 2005.

The first meeting of the series addressed air quality alone. The outcome of this meeting was an agreement that scientists in both agencies would start looking into aurban aspects of air quality as soon as could be arranged.

The second meeting looked into the link between air quality and climate. The meeting now being planned will focus on atmospheric deposition – the link between air quality and related effects on the biosphere. A fourth meeting is also being planned at this time, to address multi-media issues related to changes in air quality. This fourth meeting will probably also take place in Annapolis, in June this year.

Contact information: Bruce B. Hicks
Phone: (301) 713-0684