ARL News

Network of Airborne Environmental Research Scientists


February 13, 2002

Following the recent international conference held in Idaho Falls and hosted by ARL, the Network of Airborne Environmental Research Scientists has taken a significant step towards formalization with the generation of an Internet web capability that includes an e-mail chat room (available only to members) and regularly updated information of common interest to members. NAERS is an international network of scientists cooperating in the use of Small Environmental Research Aircraft (SERA), airborne instrumentation, and airborne data to investigate and solve environmental problems. The goal is to enhance the effectiveness and safety of airborne research efforts and the utility of the science. The goal is promoted by (1) exchanging ideas, instrumentation, software, and data, (2) helping each other improve aircraft and instrumentation capabilities, (3) promoting public awareness and interest in environmental science, (4) developing collaborative research initiatives, and (5) exploring new methods for improving and demonstrating safety. There are currently 29 members from more than a dozen countries, ranging from Italy to Australia. The principals of the group are Jorg Hacker of Australia, and Tim Crawford and Jerry Crescenti of ARL.