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Meeting with Italian climate scientists emphasizes collaboration


March 12, 2002

Acting upon the basis of a July 21, 2001 common declaration by the President and Italy’s Prime Minister encouraging collaboration between American and Italian climate research scientists, a Joint Climate Change Research Meeting was held in Rome 22-23 January, 2002. The delegation was led by Dr. Harlan Watson of the U.S. Department of State and Dr. Paul Anastas of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy for the American side, and Dr. Corrado Clini of the Ministry of Environment and Territory for the Italian side. Scientific representatives from several U.S. organizations, and others from the Department of State were present at the meeting. NOAA OAR was represented by Ray Hosker and John DeLuisi of ARL, and Ronald Stouffer of GFDL. The American and Italian coordinators of the meeting had previously agreed to establish a Joint Italy-US Committee on Coordination and Collaboration for Climate Change Research. A list identifying climate research topics that included the cooperation of research organizations from both sides was prepared for consideration by the participating organizations’ managers and higher levels of both governments. From indications at the meeting it was apparent that the participants of both sides were prepared to move forward.

Contact information: John J DeLuisi
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