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Flux Probe Now Installed on P-3


August 6, 2003

An ARL “Best Available Turbulence” (BAT) instrument package and data system have been installed on the NOAA P-3 N43 in preparation for the upcoming hurricane season. Included in the installation were the BAT probe, a fast response infrared gas analyzer, and an intrared temperature sensor, along with the data system computer/display unit. The system will permit CO2 fluxes to be measured, as well as sensible and latent heat, and momentum fluxes. The BAT probe now uses an aluminum hemisphere, which is expected to be more robust and is easier/less expensive to reproduce. Ground tests were conducted to assure instruments were operating correctly. Flight tests are scheduled for late July/early August. These tests will include both rain/graupel flights and calibration maneuvers to determine flow coefficients. This work is part of the aircraft flux program of the Field Research Division of ARL, at Idaho Falls.

Contact information: Bruce B. Hicks
Phone: (301) 713-0684