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DCNet Central In Planning For The Presidential Inauguration


January 7, 2005

The network of advanced meteorological sensors distributed across Washington, DC, and known as “DCNet” is receiving a lot of attention from modelers charged with providing a response capability in support of the inauguration on 20 January. Some of the more basic information (e.g. wind speed and direction) provided by the network is now assimilated into the dispersion forecasting models on which emergency response services rely. Models that make use of the more advanced measurements provided by the network are still in development.

With all of the operational dispersion models now relying on DCNet data, we are sensitive to the need to ensure that the data flow is not interrupted during the period of main interest. (DCNet is, after all, basically a research network that lacks the infrastructure support which a fully operational activity would require.) Current plans are for two skilled meteorological technicians to be present in DC during the inauguration, with the sole goal of ensuring delivery of good data. For the period of the inauguration, we will be truly “quasi-operational.”

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