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ARL READY System Used in Setting the Latest Fossett Record


March 2006

For several years, ARL has been using a web site to test improvements in our dispersion and trajectory models. The READY site (for Realtime Environmental Applications and Display sYstem) has become exceedingly popular with researchers and a wide variety of other users. All of the recent long-range aircraft and manned balloon flights have made use of READY. Most recently, Steve Fossett’s distance record was guided by READY products. The meteorologist in charge, David Dehenauw, also relied on READY for the previous record-breaking efforts by Fossett. Once again, he and the Fossett team have been outspoken in their praise for the NOAA READY capability and the NCEP products on which the READY trajectory forecasts are based.

Mr. Dehenauw has informed us that a letter expressing gratitude for the READY and NCEP products will shortly be sent to the Commerce Secretary.

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