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ARL Participates in Undergraduate Scholars Program


July 30, 2002

Maya Nunley, a chemistry major at Clark University, is working with ARL’s Winston Luke under a program NOAA is hosting for undergraduate student interns from historically black colleges and minority serving institutions. Maya’s research will explore the sources and distributions of ammonia and nitric acid in the urban and rural environments. Specifically, Maya deployed a small network of denuder/filter pack assemblies in the SSMC parking garage, to better gauge the emissions of NH3 from motor vehicles. She also worked with Tilden Meyers (ATDD) and La Toya Luse (Florida A&M University) near Salisbury, MD to measure ambient levels of gas- and particulate-phase ammonia and nitrate resulting from poultry housing operations, and to explore the distribution of NO3- on fine and coarse aerosols in the near-marine environment.

Winston Luke and Maya Nunley
Maya Nunley and ARL’s Winston Luke check instruments used to collect gases in the atmosphere before deploying them to the field.


Additional information: NOAA Report article – July 2002
Contact information: Winston Luke
Phone: (301) 713-0295