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ARL hosting Mid Atlantic environmental managers’ meeting


February 13, 2004

ARL will be hosting the next quarterly meeting of MARAMA, the Mid- Atlantic Regional Air Management Association, headquartered in Baltimore on February 18. MARAMA is a voluntary, non-profit association of ten state and local air pollution control agencies. MARAMA’s mission is to strengthen the skills and capabilities of member agencies and to help them work together to prevent and reduce air pollution and its impacts in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

MARAMA has been set up in recognition of the fact that the Mid-Atlantic Region faces some of the most difficult and severe environmental problems in the nation. Ozone pollution on hot summer days affects downwind rural areas as well as major cities. Fine particles of soot, dust, and other materials reduce the lifetime of city dwellers and degrade visibility. Air-borne nitrogen adversely affects bays and estuaries, including the Chesapeake Bay. The MARAMA consortium is intended to help the various eastern State agencies address these issues in a cooperative manner.

Presentations have been arranged to illustrate the way in which a number of NOAA groups are working together on questions of the “whole environment” in the mid-Atlantic region.

Contact information: Bruce B. Hicks
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