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Ammonia Deposition Study Underway


June 15, 2001

A ground-breaking field test is now underway at Beltsville, MD, in preparation for a major program to study the atmospheric deposition of ammonia later this summer, on the Delmarva Peninsula. A new method is being evaluated for measuring the rate of deposition directly, using micrometeorological techniques. Ammonia deposition from the atmosphere is known to contribute significantly to long-term overenrichment of lakes, bays, estuaries, and coastal waters in general. It is also suspected of contributing to the onset of short-term environmental response (possibly such as of outbreaks of Pfiesteria piscicida and similar organisms). The work involves collaboration among scientists from USDA, EPA, Howard University, the University of Maryland (College Park and Eastern Shore), and two ARL divisions – Oak Ridge and Silver Spring.

Contact information: Tilden P Meyers
Phone: (865) 576-1245