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2005 NOAA Silver Medal Group Nomination – Air Quality Forecasting Group


December 20, 2005

The Air Quality Forecasting Team is honored for the development, testing and deployment of the National Air Quality Forecast Capability. NOAA’s new capability provides hour-by-hour next day forecasts of ozone for northeastern US. Forecast guidance improves the basis for state and local health-based alerts and provides information for those at risk from poor air quality. NOAA’s air quality forecast capability was developed and implemented in partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency, combining the two agencies’ strengths in air quality measurements and atmospheric modeling.

Award Recipients:

OAR/Air Resources Laboratory/ASMD: Kenneth L. Schere, Jonathan A. Pleim, Tanya L. Otte, Jeffrey O. Young, George A. Pouliot

NWS/Office of Science and Technology: Paula M. Davidson and Wilson A. Shaffer

NWS/National Centers for Environmental Prediction: Jeffery T. McQueen and Geoffrey J. DiMego

NWS/Telecommunications Software Branch: Allan C. Darling

Certificate Citation: For exceptional achievement in developing, testing, and implementing national air quality forecasting in less than two years.

Contact information: Richard S. Artz
Phone: (301) 713-0295 x106