Mauna Loa Erupts

Sample HYSPLIT Ash simulation on 11/30.

November 29, 2022.

Mauna Loa, the largest active volcano on Earth, erupted on November 28, 2022. During an active eruption, NOAA’s National Weather Service and other offices continually monitor a number of conditions. The Air Resources Laboratory (ARL) developed HYSPLIT volcanic ash model is the core of NOAA’s volcanic ash dispersion modeling. Current volcanic ash status for Mauna Loa, along with other volcanoes in North America, is updated four times daily when activity occurs.

For aviation hazards, Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers (VAACs) were created to track volcanic plumes and ash to warn the aviation industry of hazardous conditions.  NOAA operates the Washington VAAC, which includes Mauna Loa. ARL’s HYSPLIT volcanic ash model is the backbone of the VAACs dispersion modeling. Meteorological Watch Offices use the HYSPLIT forecasts, among other sources of information, for writing Volcanic Ash Advisories and Significant Meteorological Information warning messages (called SIGMETs), respectively, to keep aviation officials apprised of current conditions.

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