ARL Welcomes John Cortinas

ARL welcomed NOAA Research’s Deputy Assistant Administrator of Science, John Cortinas, on Thursday, March 7, 2024, in College Park, MD. It was an afternoon of engaging conversations where all three divisions had an opportunity to discuss their work with Dr. Cortinas. Division Directors Walter Schalk, John Kochendorfer, and Howard Diamond started each discussion with members of their divisions pitching in to talk about their work.

Dr. Howard Diamond discusses the Atmospheric Sciences Modeling Division


After spending time with all the divisions, ARL Director Ariel Stein, Dr. Diamond, Winston Luke, and Xinrong Ren took Dr. Cortinas on a tour of the ARL lab and then to the roof where Dr. Diamond talked about the instrument pad mounted up there.

Phillip Stratton joined the group to talk about NOAA’s Air Resources Car (ARC). The ARC is a mobile platform on a modified sport utility vehicle to find and measure sources of greenhouse gases and air pollutants, particularly in urban environments. The ARL uses the ARC to conduct routine measurements in the Baltimore Washington region and up through the Northeast Corridor.

The ARL thanks Dr. Cortinas for visiting and we hope to welcome him to the other ARL locations
in the near future.