Congratulations to Dr. Osinachi Ajoku for his selection as the inaugural Scientist-in-Residence at the Air Resources Laboratory

Back trajectories of June 2023 Canadian wildfire with 3-hour residence times. Courtesy of Lauryn Smith, Howard University.

Dr. Osinachi Ajoku from Howard University was selected as the 2024 Scientist-in-Residence working with ARL’s Atmospheric Sciences Modeling Division. His work will investigate the impacts of regional emissions and long-range transport of ozone and aerosols on boundary layer evolution. This work will use observational data for the recent fires in California, Canada and Texas that affected areas hundreds of miles away. He will be working with Dr. Mark Cohen of ARL’s Atmospheric Sciences Modeling Division and the HYSPLIT team. 

The Scientist-in-Residence program is a new opportunity started in 2024 in honor of ARL’s 75th Anniversary. It is a two month residency program for early and mid-career faculty from NOAA Cooperative Science Centers to work with ARL scientists on projects that advance atmospheric boundary layer research. ARL Director Dr. Ariel Stein about the importance of this new opportunity. “We created this opportunity to engage and strengthen research collaborations with faculty at minority-serving institutions. These connections serve to increase understanding of NOAA’s work and leverage expertise of early and mid-career faculty and their students focusing on atmospheric boundary-layer research.”   

Congratulations again Dr. Ajoku, we look forward to seeing the results of your work.